I’m an award-winning arts writer and film critic. I am also a columnist for The Globe and Mail

I write about books, fashion and film, and am a member of the Toronto Film Critics’ Association. I’m a regular contributor to FASHION and ELLE Canada and my work has also appeared in many other magazines and newspapers, including the National Post, where I was for several years a culture columnist and the editor of Weekend Post Style.

Illustration by Kagan McLeod


A few SND design and CFA writing awards

It’s an honour just to be nominated. But it sure is nice to win. The feature “Perfumed Prose” I wrote last year, about the literary inspirations of scent, recently won for Best Print Media Editorial at the 2014 Canadian Fragrance Awards (the Canuck counterpart to the FiFis). It’s an award (and nomination) I especially appreciate because the National Post was the only…

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