I’m a Toronto freelance arts and culture writer and film critic. I’m also a columnist for The Globe and Mail

I cover books, design, fashion, food and film and belong to the Toronto Film Critics’ Association. My work has appeared in many magazines and newspapers, from New York magazine, ZoomerThe Kit, 24 HourscléoNoir City and CNQ to the National Post, where I was for several years an arts writer, culture columnist and the award-winning editor of Weekend Post Style & Design. I’ve been a guest lecturer at TIFF, Ryerson University, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and the Art Gallery of Ontario. I’m also the creator and host of Designing the Movies, the film lecture series at Toronto’s historic Revue Cinema.

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Illustration by Kagan McLeod


A Cheat Sheet to La La Land’s Musical References

On the occasion of La La Land, I wrote a piece for Globe Film about the history of dance as narrative scene on screen. You can read it here. (Go ahead, I’ll wait.) As a bonus, here’s my annotated, clips-filled guide to a few of the classic 1930s (and golden age of MGM’s Freed Unit)…

Foodism, design and lifestyle in 1960s espionage fantasies

A glossy emphasis on design and lifestyle (those killer bespoke and tailored suits, for one thing) permeates the new throwback international espionage movies like Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service and Guy Ritchie’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E.. To contextualize why these trappings were essential to the genre, I rewound to the 1960s and had a rummage around shows like The…

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